Workshops are offered the day before our main Summit programming. These three-hour sessions offer highly curated, hands-on learning from experienced leaders in government and civic tech. Each workshop is a professional development opportunity rich with interactive discussions, collaborative exercises, and immersive scenarios.  Attendees will gain knowledge that is not only comprehensive but also immediately applicable—empowering them to navigate the intricate and changing landscapes of government innovation.

Please note that workshops come at an additional cost and need to be purchased as separate tickets from Code for America Summit.

Tuesday, May 28
2 p.m.–5 p.m.

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Workshop (Sold Out)

Human-Centered Generative AI for Civic Tech

  • Pam Hastings, Principal UX Designer, Code for America
  • Chris Correa, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering, Code for America
  • Jenn Thom, Interim Director of Experience Insights, Code for America
  • Vince Dorie, Principal Data Scientist, Code for America

As civic technologists, it is our responsibility to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly and ethically, while balancing the needs of government and the public it serves.

This workshop will deliver practical guidance on creating AI tools that benefit the public. Through hands-on activities, you’ll gain insights into prompt engineering and conversation design, and learn techniques for ensuring accurate, trustworthy results.

You’ll also explore practices for building trustworthy AI that augments (rather than replaces) human judgment. You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of generative AI use cases in civic tech, equipped with both a framework for identifying potential harms that could result from AI systems and a checklist of strategies to mitigate risks and support fair and reliable generative AI applications. No programming experience necessary, all are welcome.


The Power of Multilingual Public Service Delivery

  • Şeyma Toker Bradshaw, Senior UX Researcher, Bixal
  • Nicolas Doyle, Senior Bilingual UX Researcher, Bixal
  • Fátima Gutiérrez Jhong, Qualitative Researcher, Code for America
  • Andrew Xie, Client Success Manager, Code for America

Whether it’s guiding parents through school registration, ensuring voters know where to cast their ballots, or helping someone apply for food assistance—government services must be accessible in multiple languages. This requires more than translation—it’s also thoughtful multilingual research and design.

This workshop will dive deep on how to design inclusive digital experiences and deliver practical resources for engaging with diverse communities. You’ll learn directly from government leaders, including those behind, who ensure the website is accessible in 17 languages;, who ensure its content and functionality meet the unique needs of both English and Spanish-speaking audiences; and California’s GetCalFresh, who make language access a top priority for web content and live client support.

In the spirit of co-creating solutions with the people we aim to serve, we invite you to bring the challenges you’d like our help tackling.


Closing Government’s Technology Talent Gap

  • Cass Madison, VP of Partnerships, TechTalent Project
  • Christan Johnson, Director of State Partnerships, TechTalent Project
  • Keith Wilson, Talent Engagement Manager, U.S. Digital Response
  • Kirsten Wyatt, Senior Director of the Digital Service Network, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

More technologists than ever are re-evaluating their lives and seeking work with meaning. At the same time, governments are struggling to recruit, retain, and empower the 21st century technical workforce they need to meet their delivery goals. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the stakes are higher than ever.

Though challenging, this is a moment ripe with opportunity. By taking some simple steps, governments can transform their ability to hire the right people quickly.

This workshop will help government identify its gaps and build a plan for closing them, including getting connected to the people and organizations in the civic tech community that can support them. You will learn how government agencies can utilize tools to assess technical workforce gaps; delve deeply into specific strategies to recruit, retain, and empower technical talent; and explore real-world best practices for up-skilling current staff.


Procurement for the People: Approaches for More Inclusive Services

  • Kathrin Frauscher, Deputy Executive Director, Open Contracting Partnership
  • Sarah Esty, Senior Advisor for Technology and Delivery to the Deputy Secretary, United States Department of Health and Human Services
  • Michael Owh, Chief Deputy Director, Los Angeles County Internal Services Department
  • Abhi Nemani, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Euna

Procurement systems are too often designed without people in mind. As a result, governments lack crucial data and modern technology for innovation; small, underrepresented businesses face limited opportunities and financing; and residents have little input into service design and government spending oversight. But procurement doesn’t have to be this way.

In this workshop, delve into the transformative potential of human-centered procurement. Explore how improving procurement data and technology solutions can empower governments to make informed purchasing decisions, attract diverse vendors, and measure outcomes effectively. Learn strategies to expand the vendor market, driving economic growth and innovation. Gain insights into enhancing residents’ access to public services through user research and agile procurement practices.

This is an opportunity to learn from government procurement experts, join tailored breakout groups, and network with procurement enthusiasts for invaluable insights.

Limited spaces available, get your workshop ticket today! Workshops subject to change.