On this platform, attendees can watch keynote presentations, attend breakout sessions, network one-on-one, send chat messages, and explore interactive sponsor areas. In order to ensure you have the best experience possible, we have provided some information on how to navigate Hopin.

Prior to the event start date, each registered attendee will receive an automated email from Hopin asking you to activate your account and set up your profile in Hopin. Please do this in advance of the Summit.

Similar to a physical event, you can choose where you want to go and what you’d like to attend. In the “reception area” you will find the complete agenda showing what’s happening and where. You will also find an overview of the different event areas and further details about each event. Additionally, you can navigate through the different areas on the left side of your screen (Reception, Main Stage, Sessions, Networking, Expo). For more information see the icons below:

Upon opening Hopin and joining the event, you will land in the Reception area. You can think of the reception area as a venue’s lobby, it’s the information hub. Here you will find a complete overview of the agenda so you can follow what is currently happening and see what’s to come.

This is the mainstage area where we will open and close the event on May 12 and 13. You can expect to see keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and closing remarks.

The sessions area is where you will find breakout sessions with speakers deep diving deep into specific topic areas. Every session will have its own chat, so you can interact with other participants and ask questions to the host.

You can connect one-on-one with other event participants in the Networking area. Hopin will randomly match you with another participant. A timer in the upper right-hand corner, will notify you when time is up. You can click ‘Ready’ to be matched with a new participant. You can also select ‘Unmatch’ to lose the connection. We will also have a designated “networking break” during the conference.

In the Expo area, you can find virtual booths hosted by our Summit sponsors. You may access each booth to gather information about the sponsor and to interact with the host. Every expo booth will have its own chat so you can leave questions or interact with other participants.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • To attend sessions: View the schedule at the bottom of the reception space and join the sessions of your choosing in Stages or Sessions.
  • To connect with others: Click the Network icon or click the People tab to see who’s available for meetings; choose the Connect feature to enter a rotating video chat room with another attendee.
  • To interact with our sponsors: Click Expo to explore their virtual booths, gather information, and engage and chat with the host.

We hope this helps as you prepare for Summit. Please reach out if you have further questions.

― The Code for America Team