About Summit

The Code for America Summit is a two-day virtual experience that brings changemakers into one room―public servants, advocates, technologists, and organizers break through some of the governments’ biggest challenges by removing barriers and expanding government access to serve all Americans. Summit offers dozens of keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops.

About Code for America

Code for America, a civic tech nonprofit founded in 2009, believes that government can work for the people, and by the people, in the digital age. We work with government at all  levels across the country to make the delivery of public services equitable with technology. Together with thousands of volunteers across over 80 Brigade chapters in the US, we work with community organizations and governments to build digital tools and services, change policies, and improve programs. Our goal: a resilient government that effectively and equitably serves everyone. Learn more at codeforamerica.org.

Connect with fellow changemakers

Tech that doesn’t just meet the public’s expectations. Tech that beats them.

From neighborhoods to countries, the two biggest levers for improving people’s lives at scale are technology and government.

Whether it’s changing lives by automatically clearing hundreds of thousands of criminal records or designing the forms for signing up for food stamps, everyone at our summit pulls both levers to make it all happen.

People listening to a Lightning Talk at the 2019 Code for America Summit

An open door to new skills and new knowledge

Learn from experts in 101 and higher-level sessions about what really works, and the fundamentals you need to succeed. Design thinking, user research, prototyping and product management. Agile and iterative, procurement and digital transformation, you’ll get to the substance behind the buzzwords, and what you need to thrive.

Terri P. Ricks, Deputy Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services, speaking on stage at the 2019 Code for America Summit.

An incredible mix of people
Discover current challenges, opportunities, and big wins at all levels of digital government. Engage with public servants, advocates, entrepreneurs, technologists, volunteers and more.

Workshops and collaborative learning
With workshops, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, lightning talks and convenings, there are dozens of opportunities to learn and collaborate at Summit.

Catch up with your peers, and build new connections with like-minded people who care about government transformation in the digital age.

2021 Speakers

Inspiring perspectives at Summit