Welcome from Code for America CEO, Amanda Renteria

Government can, and should, work well for everyone

We in the civic tech space have rallied around this belief for years. It’s a deceptively simple idea, rooted in a vision of a resilient government that effectively and equitably serves all people. 

The pandemic put the consequences of what happens when government doesn’t work well for everyone on full display. We saw the failures of a system that was built for another era. But we also saw droves of people both inside and outside government putting their time, their skills, and their hearts into finding ways to help people meet their basic needs. It’s the best of the spirit of public service. And with that spirit, we need to look forward. 

It’s time to build the government our future needs. 

So much of the conversation around modernizing and digitizing government is centered around outdated systems that need to be brought into the present. I’m challenging us to think beyond that: How are the systems we are building to fit people’s real needs today going to be nimble and resilient enough to serve our children? And to serve their children? 

Building an equitable path forward will take all of us. 

Since I joined Code for America in 2020, I’ve seen just how strong, caring, and committed this civic tech ecosystem is. Everyone has a place here. Engineers, public servants, designers, policymakers, volunteers, advocates, organizers… we all have an essential role to play in rethinking our systems so that government does work well for everyone.

And Summit is exactly where we come together to do that work. I’ve been so proud of everything this community has been able to accomplish in the past year. I can’t wait to hear your stories. 

See you in May,

Amanda Renteria,
Chief Executive Officer,
Code for America

Amanda Renteria, Chief Executive Officer, Code for America

Conference Tracks

Service Design + Delivery

This track focuses on the end-to-end design and delivery of government services, which are at the core of what matters most—where people experience government. Delivery of services, technical or non-technical, was once viewed as an afterthought to policy decisions. Today, we know that a just and equitable government must get the implementation right. 

Policy + Administration

In many ways, policy and technology are two sides of the same government coin. Policy is how the government creates the guardrails for our society, and technological implementation is how those policies are brought to life. But there’s often a disconnect between the intention of a policy and its impact when implemented. This track focuses on bringing policy and administrative decisions closer to their desired real-world impacts. 

Operations + Management

This track highlights best practices across governments, where public servants are enabling the delivery of equitable outcomes by focusing on operations and management. We hope to showcase the breadth of operational excellence that helps deliver better government services, with examples from human resources, finance, and procurement, as well as cross-cutting topics like collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. 

People Power + Community

Over a decade ago, Code for America was founded on the belief that government can work for the people, by the people, in the digital age. We hope that anyone interested in creative problem solving and bringing people together attends sessions in this track, which will spotlight change agents and innovators who influence government to better serve all people.

Spanning across all tracks is Code for America’s vision for Human-Centered Government—how we believe government can and should serve everyone in the digital age.

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